Our programmes focus on the basics –thinking, reading, writing and math for students in Year 0 to Year 8. They are designed to support the work that is happening in your child’s classroom and the New Zealand curriculum.

We offer a free consultation/assessment with the child and caregiver/parent ensuring our programme will be personalised for your child.

One-to-one tuition available.

Reading – Our reading programme involves

  • reading aloud with your child
  • teaching a variety of strategies when difficulties arise
  • understanding what is important
  • instilling a desire to read more
  • encouraging questioning
  • and lots more

Writing – Our writing programme covers

  • a variety of genres
  • heaps of different writing from poems to sport reports
  • using great words and techniques in writing
  • encouraging thinking at a deeper level
  • and lots more

Math – Our math programme is focused on

  • understanding ALL the number concepts
  • progressing in stages
  • using hands-on practical activities
  • applying math in everyday situations
  • taking the scary thoughts away
  • lots of questioning
  • and lots more